[Video]: DJ Havana Brown Talks Pitbull in Young Hollywood Interview (Australia)

Written by Joyce J on December 26

Havana Brown visits the YH Studio in Australia and talks about meeting Pitbull and collaborating on “We Run The Night”.

Collection of Reviews: Pitbull & Ke$ha’s #TIMBER

Written by Joyce J on October 8

The results, and reviews are in! Since yesterday’s release of Pitbull and Ke$ha’s electro, country-fied single, Timber; the critics have taken to the internet! Check them out below – from MTV to Billboard.com. What do YOU think of the song? Leave your comments below!


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Video: Priyanka Chopra Talks to MTV About Working with Pitbull on Exotic

Written by Joyce J on August 20
    Priyanka recently sat down with MTV to talk about touring North America, her upcoming album and of course working with Pitbull! Check out the interview below:

    Having already collaborated with the likes of will.i.am on her debut single,”In the City,” Chopra says, “we wanted a rapper for this song and it sounded very ‘Pitbull-esque.’ The courting process was undertaken by her album’s executive producer and hitmaker RedOne. who reached out to Pitbull to drop a verse.

    “Actually he was exactly what I expected him to be,” the singer revealed. “He was his all-Cuban, Latin self and he was fun and he was all ‘darling’ and I mean he was just really, really nice.”

    While the “Exotic” video features Chopra in all her glory, the former Miss World learned Pitbull likes them plentiful. “That’s how you know it’s Pitbull, okay. He has to be around a lot of beautiful women.”

    Read more at MTV.com! To see the music video and screen captures, click here! The track (plus remixes) are now available on iTunes for download.

Arianna Talks About Working with Pitbull In Latest Interview

Written by Joyce J on May 16


In an Exclusive, May 1st interview with Artist Direct, Arianna talks about her hot, new single “Sexy People” and what it was like working with Mr. Worldwide. Here is what she had to say:

Was your favorite part of the video shoot?
My favorite part was when me and Pitbull were dancing on the beach. It was amazing. I loved the whole day. He’s such a nice person and a great artist. He has a fantastic attitude. He’s always fun. I love how professional he is. He’s Latin too. He speaks Spanish, and I speak Italian. Sometimes, we were speaking in English or in Spanish. It was a great time. It was the first time I did a song and I could really dance together. I’ve been training to dance my whole life. I was happy to do this.

The song doesn’t just bridge genres. It bridges cultures.
Yes! Pitbull is really “Mr. Worldwide”. You can hear it in his voice and my Italian accent. The song is about coming back and loving your country. It’s a mixture of cultures like you said.

[Read more...]

The official video for Sexy People is out now! You can also purchase the song on itunes in: English, Spanish, & Italian)!

Ke$ha Talks to MTV About Upcoming Tour with Pitbull

Written by Joyce J on April 25

MTV.com recently talked to Ke$ha about her upcoming summer tour with Pitbull, here’s what she had to say:

“One day, [Pitbull and I] were backstage, drinking tequila, kind of f—ing around, and we’re talking hypotheticals ‘We should go on tour together; I’ll sing a song in Spanish, how about that?’ And he said ‘Okay,’” Ke$h told MTV News. “And then, like a month later, it happened in real life … so, how’s it going to work? I have no f—ing idea! But is it going to be fun? Yeah. F— yeah.”

For more information on the Pitbull & Ke$ha North American Summer Tour see information in the side bar…

Jamie Drastik Talks About New Pitbull Collaboration in VIBE Magazine Interview #ChasingShadows

Written by Joyce J on April 23


Rapper Jamie Drastik premiere his latest single, “Chasing Shadows” featuring Pitbull and DJ Havana Brown today on Billboard.com. During an interview with VIBE Magazine , the rapper dished about his collaboration with Pitbull:

VIBE: How’d you link with Pitbull?
Jamie Drastik:
I had a record playing on my two hometown stations WSPK and WPKF both stemming from the top DJs in my area Ted Dillinger and Mr. Vince. After the record was in rotation on both stations, I started generating interest from the major labels. After a few dead end meetings I was approached by Pitbull’s business partner, Robert Fernandez, about doing a deal with Pitbull’s own imprint. Around that same time, Pitbull and I were both on the bill for WSPK’s summer concert called K Fest, he got to see me perform and we got to meet and wound up doing the deal shortly after. After the deal I appeared on his album with a record that featured myself and Kelly Rowland called “Castle Made of Sand”.

Check out the FULL interview at VIBE.com.

Calvin Harris Compares His Style of Music to Pitbull’s

Written by Joyce J on December 21

Source: EntertainmentWise.com


In a recent interview with The Guardian, Scottish DJ Calvin Harris compared his style of music to that of rapper Pitbull’s. Here’s what Mr. Harris had to say:

“In Britain you know there are people waiting to tear your stuff apart, so it’s important for me to know that my music has subtleties and depth to it,” Calvin told The Guardian. “If anyone slags it off then they obviously haven’t picked up on those things. Growing up around British music you realise how much depth there is to it… my stuff is different to the likes of Pitbull for that reason.”

Havana Brown Dishes on Pitbull: “He’s Got a Lot of Energy for Life in General.”

Written by Joyce J on December 13

Source: Celebuzz.com


In an interview with Celebuzz, Havana talks about being on the Planet Pit World Tour & working with Pitbull:

“He’s great live, the performances have a lot of energy, but he’s actually like that in real life,” Brown said.

“He’s got a lot of energy for life in general. He works hard but he also plays hard…for some reason people find it surprising when I say that he’s actually a real gentleman. He’s loyal and he’s really genuine, giving and generous.”

Pitbull and Others React to the Death of Jenni Rivera

Written by Joyce J on December 10

Source: Fox News Latino

Celebrities took to Twitter to publicly mourn the tragic death of Jenni Rivera after the norteño singer and and four others died in a plane crash in Mexico Sunday night.


Pitbull tweeted:


Also, on last week’s (12/16) VH-1 Divas special, Pitbull gave Jenni a shout out his performance of “Don’t Stop The Party”.

Pitbull Comments on Criticisms of Christina Aguilera’s Weight Gain: “She Looks Perfectly Fine!”

Written by Joyce J on November 30

Source: 92.3 NOW

In a recent interview with Zann on 92.3 NOW, Pitbull talked about the surprise performance with Christina Aguilera at the 2012 American Music Awards, as well as comments made from many of those in the press about her weight gain. Here is what he had to say:

…Pitbull thinks she looks perfectly fine. “She looks great! I guess when people see her on television, you know television can put 10-20 pounds easily, but to me it’s not about what you look like,” he said. “Everybody is caught up on criticizing and no one’s positive anymore. Everything is negative about people, so to me a lot of people are insecure…I think it’s all about being happy. And I think there [are] two words you can’t define: ‘normal’ and ‘happy.’”

Read more from the original article, or watch the video below.