Reminders – Pitbull Appearances for This Week #PitbullTODAY, Wild Wild Love, Jimmy Fallon, Howard Stern…

Written by Joyce J on March 30

It’s going to be a very busy week, Pitbull fans! Here are just a few reminders for Pitbull’s upcoming appearances and releases for the week of March 31 – so set your DVRs!

Monday, March 31, 2014
• Bringing the Miami heat to the TODAY Show on NBC (7am/est), Pitbull will be performing a collection of his hits LIVE, including a HOT performance with G.R.L. singing “Wild Wild Love”. Pitbull will also be taking your questions (tweet/vine/instagram them with the hashtag: #PitbullTODAY).

• The official release of the “Wild Wild Love” music video will premiere on Vevo.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
• Pitbull will be doing his FIRST EVER radio interview with Howard Stern on SiriusXM radio (click here for show times).

• In addition to his radio appearance, Pitbull will be performing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon later that night (11:35pm/est).

*Check your local listings for show times.* As always, there could be an update of events for this week, so follow on twitter to stay in the loop!

Radio Alert!: Pitbull Will be a Guest on the Howard Stern Show

Written by Joyce J on March 27

It’s no April fools joke! For the first time ever, Pitbull will be appearing on the controversial, highly candid, shock jock Howard Stern’s radio show this coming Tuesday, April 1st (it’s about time!).

Pitbull happily tweeted earlier today:

The Howard Stern show airs every Monday-Wednesday from 6-10 AM+EST (with show encores running all day). If you don’t have satellite radio and not able to tune in, the show usually provides highlights and clips via their website and soundcloud.

Where You Can Listen:
- SiriusXM Radio: Howard 100 (main show)
- SiriusXM Radio: Howard 101 (2nd channel)

#ThrowbackThursday – Pitbull on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning (2009) #tbt

Written by Joyce J on March 6

Here is another (late night) addition to today’s Throwback Thursday series! Check out Pitbull (and the Agents!) performing “Can’t Stop Me Now”, “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)”, & “Hotel Room Service” on the Kidd Kraddic Morning Show back in 2009! You can purchase Pitbull’s Rebelution album on iTunes!

[News]: Pitbull’s NYE Concert to be Broadcasted‎ LIVE on SiriusXM Radio

Written by Joyce J on December 20

It’s only 11 more days until the end of the year, and Pitbull will be ringing it in with Prince Royce & The Jump Smokers with his 2nd New Years Eve concert in Miami!

Sirius XM will be broadcasting Pitbull’s NYE concert live from the American Airlines Area on Tuesday, December 31 at 10pm/9c (Source).

- 20 On 20: Channel 3
- La Mezcla: Channel 148.

Tickets for this event are STILL AVAILABLE!

[Video Interview]: Pitbulll Backstage with the Kidd Kraddic Crew at #KissJingleBall

Written by Joyce J on December 10

Check out Pitbull’s interview with the Kidd Kraddic in the Morning Crew from last week’s KISS 106.1 Jingle Ball. See highlights from the event here.

Photos: Pitbull Guest Hosting American Top 40 #AT40

Written by Joyce J on July 8

» Photo Gallery Link/More Photos: Radio Events – Pitbull Guest Hosting on American Top 40 – July 06

Pitbull to Host Ryan Seacrest’s AT40 Coundown 4 of July Weekend!

Written by Joyce J on June 9


A tweet earlier today from the official AT40 twitter account confirmed that Pitbull will be taking Ryan Seacrest’s spot as a guest host for AT40 (American Top 40) on July 6 & July 7. Also, there will be a fan Q&A, so be sure to send in your questions and phone number to

Check here for radio stations & showtimes. You will also be able to listen to it via iHeartRadio (and/or on your local radio station via IHR).

Audio: Pitbull Gets “EPIC” in NPR Interview

Written by Joyce J on May 23


Interview Highlights (Source)

- On Global Warming and his career trajectory in music…
“It’s all about a global movement, it being a global market, making global music. So I’ve gotten a chance to tour the world, learn from so many different cultures, different sounds, foods, dances. And I’d just like to apply that to the music. Global Warming, it being that that’s exactly what we’re doing right now. We are creeping up on the world, little by little. Something that people before maybe didn’t believe or they heard about it but they didn’t understand it. And I think now it’s when it’s coming to full reality.

“You constantly have to defend your success. Because, see, the more successful you become, the more of a target you are. With that said, I think Dr. Dre had one of the best lines I ever heard. He said, ‘As hard as you work for your money, there’s four or five people working harder to take it from you.’”

- On the name ‘Pitbull’…
“I think they’re misunderstood, sometimes misrepresented and fit a stereotype. So as far as myself, the reason that ‘Pitbull’ came across was because I feel I have the same mentality of the dog or the breed for the simple fact that don’t believe in the word ‘lose’ — and when they do, fight to the death. And with me being in the music business, in the entertainment business, you constantly have to be on your toes, constantly being reinventing yourself, and constantly coming up with new ideas, and finding ways on how to be creative enough so it’s new, cool, sexy to the public. So with that said, that’s where ‘Pitbull’ comes from — the fight. You know, I’m in love with the fight. But at the same time, pitbulls are illegal in Miami, so it makes me the only pitbull with papers. The only legal pitbull. [Laughs.]”

- On escaping the drug trade through music…
“I try to show that: Look, I came from something. I don’t necessarily wanna stay there. So therefore, that’s what music was all about, was the escape. So I want to teach everybody out there the same thing. Sometimes, in order to inspire, you have to let them know exactly where you’re from, so that they know exactly that you know where you’re going.”

- On being called ‘commercial’…
“The whole point is to touch as many people as you can, to get the message across. It’s something that my grandmother used to do with the food when I would eat. Lettuce and tomato, I didn’t necessarily like it. So what she would do is, she would put it under the rice and the steak, which I loved. And next thing you know, after a couple bites or a couple meals, let’s say, I was asking for the tomato and the lettuce. Through the music, it’s the same philosophy, if you apply it. Because there is a message in the music. I am telling you things that really are happening.”

- On his Epic role…
“When they showed me who I would be playing, which is Bufo, a toad, businessman/hustler, entrepreneur — everything’s business, not personal — I said, ‘Yeah I’m definitely game, and would love to be a part of the Epic opportunity.’
“When I first seen the toad Bufo, he was naked. When I came back for the second session, they had dressed him in a suit, and he was the only toad in the forest with a suit on. I loved it!”

- On education outreach…
“The most powerful thing that I’m involved with is education, which I feel is the real revolution. And our first school, we’ll be going up in one of my old school neighborhoods: Little Havana in Miami. And it’s called SLAM, which is Sports, Leadership, And Management. And that is a way of, I would say, engaging, entertaining and educating the kids through things that they really love. So this one being more about sports. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to become an athlete. You can become a therapist, a broadcaster, an attorney. But it keeps them engaged and creating a curriculum that they love to come to school.”

Pitbull Interview on On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Written by Joyce J on May 21

Pitbull Comments on Criticisms of Christina Aguilera’s Weight Gain: “She Looks Perfectly Fine!”

Written by Joyce J on November 30

Source: 92.3 NOW

In a recent interview with Zann on 92.3 NOW, Pitbull talked about the surprise performance with Christina Aguilera at the 2012 American Music Awards, as well as comments made from many of those in the press about her weight gain. Here is what he had to say:

…Pitbull thinks she looks perfectly fine. “She looks great! I guess when people see her on television, you know television can put 10-20 pounds easily, but to me it’s not about what you look like,” he said. “Everybody is caught up on criticizing and no one’s positive anymore. Everything is negative about people, so to me a lot of people are insecure…I think it’s all about being happy. And I think there [are] two words you can’t define: ‘normal’ and ‘happy.’”

Read more from the original article, or watch the video below.

Video: KTU Behind the Lyrics with Pitbull

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Video: Pitbull on 103.5 KTU – 11/20/2012

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Video & Audio: Pitbull on the Elvis Duran Show – 11/20/2012

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