Pitbull #BreakfastInBarbados 104.5 CHUM FM Interview

Written by Joyce J on April 11

Pitbull interview from 104.5 CHUM FM’s Roger Darren and Marilyn Breakfast in Barbados event. Photos will be posted on instagram and facebook.

Magazine Cover Story: Pitbull in The Hollywood Reporter

Written by Joyce J on March 26

Yesterday, Pitbull revealed his featured cover from the The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Now you can read the full article as well as check out video and photos from the shoot. It’s a very powerful, in-depth interview by Shirley Halperin highlighting Pitbull’s music and entrepreneurial accomplishments, future goals, and capturing Pitbull’s overall, charismatic personality! *You are now able to purchase this issue of the magazine.*

*Images courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter*

[Video]: DJ Havana Brown Talks Pitbull in Young Hollywood Interview (Australia)

Written by Joyce J on December 26

Havana Brown visits the YH Studio in Australia and talks about meeting Pitbull and collaborating on “We Run The Night”.

[Audio Interview]: Pitbull “Ask Anything” Interview from Saturday Night Online

Written by Joyce J on December 14

Check out Pitbull’s ‘Ask Anything’ interview with Maxwell from SaturdayNightOnline.com.

[Video Interview]: Pitbulll Backstage with the Kidd Kraddic Crew at #KissJingleBall

Written by Joyce J on December 10

Check out Pitbull’s interview with the Kidd Kraddic in the Morning Crew from last week’s KISS 106.1 Jingle Ball. See highlights from the event here.

[VIDEO]: OnTheRedCarpet.com Interviews Pitbull Pre-AMAs

Written by Joyce J on November 22

During Wednesday’s AMA Press Conference and red carpet roll out, Pitbull was interviewed by OTRC’s Rachel Smith and discussed hosting Sunday’s award show, his wardrobe, collaborating with Ke$ha on “Timber”, and revealed who he was looking forward to seeing perform at the AMAs.

[VIDEO]: ET Talks with Pitbull on His Upcoming Hosting Gig at the AMAs This Sunday

Written by Joyce J on November 22

ET (Entertainment Tonight) sat down with Mr. Worldwide at Wednesday’s AMA Press Conference. “I know a lot of people are expecting a lot of things,” Pitbull told reporters at a press event announcing him as host. “Don’t expect much, other than just me giving you exactly who I am at the end of the day. Which, to a lot of people all around the world, would be a priceless night.”


#ThrowbackThursday Pitbull on Tim Westwood 2009 & 2010 #tbt #PitbullTBT

Written by Joyce J on November 7

Pitbull is featured on Tim Westwood‘s radio show on BBC Radio 1Xtra from 2009 and his show which was broadcasted live from Miami in 2010 during Superbowl Weekend. Enjoy this week’s TBT interview feature! I love it when Pitbull does radio!



NPR Interview: Pitbull Talks SLAM & Education

Written by Joyce J on October 18

Check out the latest NPR interview with “Mr. Education” himself, Pitbull! He talks about his new charter school SLAM (which opened this fall) as well as the education system.


“If sports is what you love, one way or another, it’s a business you can get involved with … whether you’re a therapist, an attorney, a broadcaster,” he says. “They’re already labeling me ‘Mr. Education.’ ”

“[A] lot of these kids are so creative … but no one believes in them. … No one motives them,” Pitbull says. “I relate to them … but then I give it to them raw.”

Listen to more of the interview below:

Video + Screen Captures: Pitbull on Nightline – July 29, 2013

Written by Joyce J on July 30

Video Preview

“Nightline” Interview

» Click to see more photos: Screen Captures – Television > 2013 > Pitbull on ABC’s Nightline (300+)

Check out earlier highlights from the Good Morning America segment.

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Dallas News – Pitbull and Hip-Hop: A Refelction

Written by Joyce J on June 18

Here is a wonderful article on Pitbull written by Mario Tarradell (music critic) of the Dallas News that featured a 24 year old Pitbull. Check out some excerpts below:


A Reflection from the Past
At 24, he’s fresh-faced, lacking the sparkling jewelry that characterizes the hip-hop style. His debut album, M.I.A.M.I, which stands for Money Is a Major Issue, sounds straightforward even as he embraces the Southern rap, crunk, reggaeton and Latin hip-hop movements.

He’s no-nonsense in a genre he calls “a lie.”

“I feel hip-hop is a facade,” he says. “A lot of these rappers…no, cause they got guns…no, because they sell drugs, this and that. My whole point of rapping was not to sell drugs, not to be on the streets doing this, not to live with a leash, not to live an illegal lifestyle. That’s the way out.”

On Basketball and Staying Out of Trouble
He turned to basketball to keep himself out of trouble, but he was still witnessing the street hustler’s lifestyle.
“Basketball still kept me in the streets to find out who was doing who and what was doing what,” he says. “I understood the street already. I already knew how to make money.”

On Making Music
“You have to cater in order to be catered to,” says the unmarried father of two children. “The next album will be a different step where I can maybe touch more political views, maybe touch more things in depth and at the same time throwing records out to the public. Because at the end of the day, I gotta get played on the radio in order to sell records and feed my family.”

Read the full article here.

Pitbull EPIC Interview with OTRC.com

Written by Joyce J on May 27

Here’s an interview where Pitbull is talking about starting in the animated film EPIC as well as his appearance on DWTS from On the Red Carpet.

You’re behind the microphone all the time in one form — doing this though, stepping behind and doing line after line, was that just a whole new world?
- “It’s definitely a whole new world. It wasn’t frustrating and it wasn’t difficult — it was actually a lot of fun. You know, especially for someone who is able to … as they’re feeding you the lines, I would just tell them, ‘Look, how do you think I should say it?’ And as they’re feeding you the lines, I love the fact that they can actually see it already on the animation, before it’s even done up. So they’re already envisioning that. When I’d finally seen the voice with the Bufo character, in the movie ‘Epic,’ I felt like I was 5 or 6 years old again.”

Do you see a little of you in Bufo?
- “Oh, absolutely. I see a lot of me in Bufo. And I don’t think they scripted it that way at first. But, as they got to know me in the studio — my hand gestures, the way I move, you know, my facial gestures, also — they definitely molded it a lot around Armando Perez, I think.”

Did it spark something where you’re like, ‘Okay, I want to do more movies’?
- “Well, I mean, it’s always been a part of the plan, a part of the goals. As far as getting involved in movies, in Hollywood, and TV shows across the board — ‘Epic’ being possibly the first franchise that we’re going to be involved with — is definitely, I would say, a good way to start. And with the amazing characters in the movie, which I did not know were going to be in when we first started with this project, to be in it with Beyonce Knowles, Steven Tyler, Colin Farrell — it’s a blessing, and a great platform to learn.”

On the music side of things, you have a single out with Jennifer Lopez. You’ve done duets and collaborations before — there is something about that I guess you like.
- “I mean with Jennifer, this is actually her single, a record called ‘Live It Up’ — I think it’s another global dominance record. To work with her is always a pleasure. To learn from her — she’s a very hard worker, very dilligent. What better than to sit with Jennifer Lopez at a video shoot, or so ‘American Idol’ with her — being in the studio with her — cause not only is she very professional — she’s gorgeous. You know, she’s not hard to look at.”

And you’re going to be doing “Dancing With The Stars”? (Note: This interview was conducted prior to the show’s May 21 finale).
- “Yes, we’ll both be doing ‘Dancing With The Stars.’”

That’s like another whole audience to introduce your music to.
- “Oh man, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ is always a lot of fun. It shows you how powerful music is. How it can create confidence — it can create a whole nother human being as soon as you find a way to dance and really enjoy music. So, I love to see ‘Dancing With The Stars’ as far as with how people start, how they finish … and the good thing is we’re a part of the finale — so, get ready.”

Press of Atlantic City Audio Interview with Pitbull

Written by Joyce J on May 25

Audio Interview with Pitbull ahead of his Atlantic City Appearance with Kesha.

Video: Pitbull Interview on ClevverTeVe (En Español)

Written by Joyce J on May 24

Video: Pitbull Talks Epic with Celebified.com

Written by Joyce J on May 24

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